The educational posters of the project “Implementation of the model of welfare consultants in the municipality of Ignalina district” were laid out, printed and displayed on the bulletin boards of various institutions of the Ignalina district.
The project’s publicity tools, including posters, aim to inculcate in the residents of Ignalina the attitude that seeking help is normal and shameless (currently, mental and emotional problems are still often stigmatized in society, they are not talked about out loud).
The poster designs were created taking into account three age groups (youth, adults and the elderly), a modern design was chosen, the focus of which was the slogan #ŽmogusŽmogui #Human to Human.
Slogan #ŽmogusŽmogui is chosen purposefully in order to provide trust in the services of a well-being consultant and not to be afraid to apply, to state that consultations are not a matter-of-fact cold meeting between a specialist and a patient, but a warmer, more human conversation helping to solve the applicant’s problems.
The renovation of the welfare consultant’s office has been completed.
Welfare consultant services will be provided at the address – Ligonine st. 13, Ignalina. The location of the welfare consultant services will be in a comfortable, quiet place where the welfare consultants will be happy to work and the applicants will feel safe and secure.
In order for the premises to be suitable for the provision of such services, simple repair work was carried out, and a separate waiting room for customers was installed, allowing to distance oneself from the area of ​​people’s movement.
The workplace will soon be equipped with modern equipment and tools that will create a positive meeting environment and help break down communication barriers.
Stay tuned, soon we will invite you to visit the well-being consultant’s office, and for now we invite you to register for remote consultations.
The project is implemented with the funds of the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area
On 04/12/2022, the contract for the repair of the Gerovės consultants’ office (address Ligoninės st. 13, LT-30112 Ignalina) was signed with UAB “Ostertus”

Duration of repair works 2 months.